Course: Old School of Rock: Beginning Guitar Lesson Pairing Program for Older Adults

Day and Time: Up to you and your new lesson partner! 

Cost: $93.75/month for weekly 30 min lessons, $140.63 for weekly 45 min lessons, $187.50 for weekly 60 minute lessons

When: Pairings will take place the last week of July and lessons will start in August! Feel free to keep in touch or stop by our store before then!  


Have you always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but never had the opportunity to pick it up? Looking for a new hobby? Love 70's and 80's rock? Looking to spend time a new friend (or an old one) who also answered "Yes!" to those three questions? Old School of Rock is the perfect place for you to start playing the guitar. Guitar teacher and rock & roll enthusiast Drew Kaufman has created the space for eager, upbeat learners to come together in duos to learn to play guitar through songs of the 70's and 80's. You will we paired with another person who filled out this form and will have an initial Meet and Greet to test the waters. 

Who is this class designed for?

Old School of Rock came to fruition after Drew, your instructor, had many conversations with retired friends, acquaintances, and friendly strangers at coffee shops about how they wanted to fill their newfound free time with music, but were unsure about playing in front of a whole class of new people. Drew sought to create a space for people of similar experiences to come to together and most importantly, play guitar together in groups of 2. The programs is designed for older adults and will take in consideration your availability, music experience, and lesson length to pair you with a lesson partner. Somewhere between 1-1 lessons and a full group class, Old School is the perfect place to learn guitar!

What do I need to bring on the first day of lessons?

~A guitar 

~A folder or binder 

~A pencil 

~A guitar pick

~tuner or have a tuning app downloaded on your phone (your teacher can assist you in finding an app for your phone)

~Some social energy to chat it up with your new friend! 

Who is my teacher?

Drew started playing guitar and taking lessons as a 5th grader in his home town in Ohio.  After a "not so great" experience with his teacher at the time, he grew determined to teach at a young age and he never let go of his dream to play guitar.  Drew has taken that experience to grow his own philosophies to teach various subjects and develop strong student-family-instructor relationships.  He applies his own passion for music, genuine curiosity,  and work ethic to guitar lessons.  Drew continues to study under the instruction of our own Tim Volpicella.  He continues to improve, learn and apply his own experiences as a student to improve as a teacher.