Course: The Sax Gym

Day and Time: Daily,  any time between 7:00AM-10:00AM.  UNLIMITED studio use!!  

Length: Ongoing membership, re-enrolled automatically on a monthly basis.  No long-term obligation.

Cost: $50/month

About the Class:

Some of our adult saxophone students get practice out of the way first thing in the morning before work or even before their first cup of coffee!!  So...we created a membership program called "The Sax Gym".  It gets lonely practicing in the studio weekday mornings, so come on in and grab your own studio, or join a fellow student and practice together.  Heck, go crazy and have a morning jam session while nobody else is around!!  Upon request, our woodwind instructors can help members stay motivated, address specific issues or just provide some challenging music to work on.


This is not intended to be a lesson or class, but instead a motivating and fun way to get limited supervised practice, private studio time or group practice.  Inevitably there will be some learning going on and exploration of different techniques, styles, theory and more.  Or...just help yourself to a studio and do your own thing.  


No prerequisites other than respecting our facilities and other Sax Gym members, and wanting to start your day off right!!